Reviews of the novel, The Return of the Santa Fe Super Chief:


“Douglas Folsom’s inspirational contemporary fiction offering…is heartwarming and exciting. Folsom writes simply and eloquently and continuing to read his tale took precedence over just about everything else. This is one of those feel-good books you’ll want to share with others; it’s got the magical fantasy of Field of Dreams and the nostalgia of yesteryear beautifully synchronized. It’s most highly recommended.”

Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite. 5 stars!


The Return Of The Santa Fe Super Chief by Douglas Folsom is a unique, fascinating story…narrated in a fun, inventive way…a delightful book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it…a wonderful read overall, one that is fun and meaningful at the same time… It was great to see all of the old historic photos from the bygone era of railroads and passenger trains…a superb mix of a murder mystery, romance, the supernatural, and mysticism.”

Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite. 5 stars!


The Return of the Santa Fe Super Chief by Douglas Folsom is a tale extraordinaire…the narrator speaks directly to his audience. This playwright technique is delightful, adding to the nostalgic mood of the story. This proves not to be just another train ride. It is a reconciliation of relationships, the realization of dreams, a journey of self discovery… Although romantic and inspirational, this novel is a train enthusiast’s dream come true. Folsom knows his train history.”  

Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite. 5 stars!


“This clever and heartfelt novel by new author Douglas Folsom combines a bit of mysticism and "if you build it, they will come," as the son of a railroad man is offered a trip on the Super Chief in the present day under mysterious and mystical circumstances. Under all this mystery a murder breaks out. This is a surprisingly strong offering that should appeal to the nostalgic, to train fans, and really to anyone who likes a good Christie-type mystery on the move. So iconic is the Super Chief that, along with numerous photo histories and other non-fiction books, this is actually the second NOVEL concerning the legendary train currently in print (one by PBS newsman Jim Lehrer was the first), but of the two this is my favorite. Strong recommendation.”

Allen Smalling, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars!


The Return of the Santa Fe Super Chief is a fun read, containing just enough mystery to keep me hooked on the ingenious plot line and sufficient detail about the train and era to repeatedly trigger fond memories of my own trips aboard this glamorous train. Recommended reading for your next cross-country journey aboard Amtrak.”

Bill Howes, former VP, B&O Railroad, 5 stars!


“Oh my goodness! When the book arrived I thought it might be an entertaining bit of nostalgia, but I was completely surprised by the emotional wallop it packed. My eyes moistened in the second chapter and never dried out. It goes without saying that I couldn't put it down. Douglas Folsom is a wonderful storyteller with an exquisite sense of the human condition. The novel was not only delightfully engaging, but it was emotionally cathartic as well.”

The Rev. Michael Fry, Anglican priest, 5 stars!


“The characters in this book are very compelling. The trip was one I had to take in one sitting. It is one of those books that made me believe I really got away...I started the book and couldn't put it down (only taking time to walk the dog). Doug Folsom has used a device between chapters that made me feel such a part of everything -- inspired. I recommend it to all!”

Eric Alderfer, professional actor and singer, 5 stars!


“A thoughtful and delightful story of magical realism. This book is a hit on more than one level. I've read this book twice already, and I keep getting more out of it. On one hand, the story is fun and a great example of magical realism -- with aspects of history, romance, and a keen and well-researched view into the background and context of the Santa Fe Super Chief. On the other hand, there are much deeper explorations of the themes of redemption, relationship, and family connections. It would be easy for an author to be too prosaic and/or too moralizing in exploring these themes, but Mr. Folsom does so with wonderfully nuanced approaches that supplement the story and characters in ways that only those who truly love and understand fiction, and specifically this genre, will be able to fully appreciate. The various types of relationships he creates are simple, but not simplistic -- the sort which unsophisticated or less well-read readers would easily miss. The descriptions are so visual and visceral that I could easily see this story as a screenplay adaptation.”

Shun Lee Fong, actor & producer, 5 stars!

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