Reviews of the Screenplay Versions of the Two Novels:

(From The PAGE International Awards Script Analysis)


The Return of the Santa Fe Super Chief is an extraordinary, moving epic drama. Its supernatural elements elevate your screenplay to an inspirational, entertaining and ultimately transformational adventure…(Two of the lead characters) are in one of the most romantic reunions ever dramatized… You’ve been very discrete with the ‘passionate’ scenes. Your screenplay will appeal to a wide audience!”


Over the Monster has a feel-good quality and reads like a mash-up of Field of Dreams and The Shawshank Redemption with a Nicholas Sparks adaptation like The Notebook. Your writing is smooth, competent, and visual, which makes Over the Monster a pleasure to read…Your final sequences where Harding gets a chance to live his dream and succeeds beyond anyone’s wildest expectations are quite a lot of fun. Audiences will be cheering!”


Winner: Best Screenplay (Drama, Fantasy, Magical Realism) at the 2014 Woods Hole Film Festival.